New Tech to boost the bottom line

The article covers issues such as optimising of health and wellbeing, waste management, nutrition and the liquid feeding technology. the whole article source: irishfarmermonthly

Additional feeding for piglets from large litters!

How to cut costs feeding suckling pigs? How to get healthy and strong piglets? How pre-starter feeding boosts success in breeding?

Multimat Straw Feeder, Schauer Agrotronic

In order to provide straw or other fiber materials (40 mm) for better animal welfare, playing and to improve the satiation of pigs Schauer has developed the Multimat Straw feeder. It has been properly tested in serval German institutes. It can be used for Straw with an ideal length of fiber of about 40 mm. It is adjustable for the amount of material coming out. The big benefit of the feeder is to provide a stainless steel bowl with 600 mm diameter. This reduces to spread out the straw in the...

Review of the Eurotier

Animal welfare and operational developments took centre stage in the pig farming sector at the Eurotier trade show.