Public pig farm with Compident - see for yourself.

5th Anniversary of Fair Oaks Pig Production with Schauer Compident ESF System with full satisfaction with the performance and reliabilty of the electronic sow feeding system.

Straw Distribution System - Strohmatic

Animal-friendly and labor saving cattle barns

Animal Welfare Award

Eveline Heigl's pig farm.

The Reiter family – managing a “model” pig farm with vision

Reiter Anton & Gabi together with brother Hermann work a 360-ha farm near Augsburg in Bavaria, have been producing pigs since 1973 and step by step, have expanded the farm from 40 sows initially to the current level of close to 840 sows with 3.800 pig-fattening places. With a strong emphasis on high outputs and low feed costs thanks to its own mix with maize grain silage, the pig farm has evolved on its own and with a vision for the future. A conversation with Anton and Gabi Reiter...