Slurry Removal

Slurry Technology – System Technology for Agriculture

The premium quality of the Flygt slurry pump construction guarantees an above-average life span - even with continual use.

Schauer Agrotronic is strengthening its competence and use in slurry technology by taking on the distribution of Stallkamp products. The company’s products are characterised by a particularly attractive price and robust practical use. Stallkamp’s particularly easy servicing rounds off the range Our consultants are happy to offer you tried-and-tested solutions for meander systems, pump systems, agitators and slurry rinsing systems for easy continual use in your pig or cattle farm.

  • Decades of experience in the planning of functional and energy-saving slurry systems for cattle and pig husbandry is our strength, to your advantage!

  • A wide range makes possible a large selection of solution variants. The excellent quality and long service life of the slurry technology for cattle playpens and functional details delight our customers.

  • Schauer's reliable supply of replacement parts and service expertise ensures long-lasting operation of the slurry systems used.

You will be convinced by the advantages of Schauer slurry systems and the comprehensive range. You will find more details on slurry technology in the brochure Slurry Technology.

Flygt slurry technology – systems technology with the highest standards of quality. The premium quality of the Flygt slurry pump construction ensures an above-average service life, even under constant use. Different pump designs, such as the F pump with cutting wheels for long-fibrous particles and the N-pump with self-cleaning wheel are the most-used slurry pumps for agriculture use. Submersible motor agitators produce an efficient current and loosen up floating lids. Agitators are available with a power from 7.6 to 15.6 kW. Meander mixers round off the range of Flygt slurry systems.

Stallkamp Slurry Technology

Schauer Agrotronic extends its capabilities and possible applications in slurry technology by distributing Stallkamp products. This company's products are characterised by an attractive price and their robustness in use. The range is rounded off by the company's special service-friendliness.

  • The Stallkamp immersion and centrifugal and chopper mixing pumps are especially suitable for use in pre-tanks and slurry pits up to 6 m in depth due to their heavy construction.
  • The Stallkamp immersion motor pumps are the result of experience and consistent further development. They run reliably and safely, are high-performance, effective and at the same time environmentally friendly.
  • The Stallkamp mixers are available with a power from 7.5 to 22 kW in Schauer's slurry technology product range.

Comprehensive accessories for the reliable functioning of the slurry removal and distribution, and different floating channel scrapers and slurry rinsing lines round off Schauer's wide range of slurry technology products.

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