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The fattening pen is the most resource-intensive area of pig production. Here, the cost-saving production system makes the decisions on the use of food and energy. These two factors cause more than 70% of the direct production costs for pig meat. Also, the living and production conditions for the pigs and the environmentally relevant influences of pig production are constantly increasing in importance. Technologies and systems relating to these aspects are continually being developed by Schauer to improve the welfare and productivity of the animals. At the same, by increasing efficiency, we have managed to reduce pollution. New systems, such as the Spotmix Welfare for the automatic distribution of materials for the pigs to manipulate and investigate, help to reduce the necessary amount of work to a minimum, even in large farming units.

  • More than 60 years of experience in the development and production of high-quality stall facility components, which are tailored to the needs of international customer requirements.

  • Great width of range makes possible a broad selection of solution variants.

  • Reliable supplying of spare parts for decades from our own production ensures an above-averagely long service life of the stall facilities.

High-performance pig production requires efficient and high-performance production systems. The quality and functionality of each individual component is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, contributing to a successful whole. Some highlights of the Schauer pig stall facility programme are presented in summary. You can find more details about this in the pig stall brochure

Perfect farming systems also need to be appropriately planned. Schauer have achieved a profile through outstanding planning expertise including project planning and plans for planning permission (if required). Extensive detailed planning for concrete construction, electrical and water installation guarantee successful implementation of your pig stall project.

Stainless steel upright and PVC partition systems with different heights and thicknesses of materials, adapted to the requirements, ensure safe, sturdy and long-lasting housing for the fattening pigs. PVC grating floors and concrete slats and different product solutions for the individual micro climate requirements of the animals ensure comfortable and productive farming of the animals.

Healthy animals are productive animals. The welfare of the animals plays a special role here. Firstly, a wide range of products makes it possible to fulfil the animals' need for constant access to materials to investigate and manipulate, up to the high-end solution with Spotmix Welfare, thus promoting calm within the group. Secondly, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, which are adapted to both the regional climatic conditions and the animals' needs, improve the pigs' health.

Our wide range of different feeding systems, manure removal and slurry systems and a comprehensive choice of accessories round off the range of pig stall products.

Time is money. Get advice from capable, nearby partners on prefabricated barn systems. Prefabricated systems are enjoying ever-greater popularity in South Germany: as well as the Baumeisterstall system with local partners, there are the Duo modular system pig barn (Wolfsystem and Schauer) in Austria and the barn produced with our hall-construction partners Farmbau.

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