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Sow breeding stall introduction

The sow breeding stall is the heart of a pig production plant. With the right choice of system, capable planning and functional stall equipment, not only can productivity be increased but labor time can also be saved. 60 years of experience in the development and production of pig stall facilities lead to systems in which these requirements are fulfilled with the highest quality in all components and that are particularly profitable due to the above-average length of service life. This experience, gathered over many years, is firmly anchored in the company and is carried by the employees, some of whom have been working for Schauer for decades.

The stall facilities, upright systems and partitions are almost without exception made from stainless steel (1.4301) and optimised by modern production technologies for strength, while at the same time making economical use of resources. The shapes and wall thicknesses are adapted according to the customers' individual wishes or region, in order to guarantee that the customer's needs are met as well as possible while at the same time ensuring competitiveness and the profitability of the products.

  • More than 60 years of experience in the development and production of high-quality stall facility components, which are tailored to the needs of international customer requirements.

  • Great width of range makes possible a broad selection of solution variants.

  • Reliable supplying of spare parts for decades from our own production ensures an above-averagely long service life of the stall facilities.

High-performance pig production requires efficient and high-performance production systems. The quality and functionality of each individual component is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, contributing to a successful whole. Some highlights of the Schauer pig stall facility programme are presented in summary.

Perfect farming systems also need to be appropriately planned. Schauer have achieved a profile through outstanding planning expertise including project planning and plans for planning permission (if required). Extensive detailed planning for concrete construction, electrical and water installation guarantee successful implementation of your pig stall project.

Farrowing pens for individual conventional pig keeping, which have proven their worth over decades: Vario, Profi or Compact farrowing crates with plastic or plastic-coated hexagonal flooring or concrete flooring system with warmest recommendation.

New free farrowing pen systems that give the sows more free space but at the same time protect people from the sow, and protect the newly born piglets from being fatally crushed by the sow: Combi birth pens, WelCon farrowing crate for conventional and organic pig farming.

Animal friendly and work-saving gestation crate systems for the insemination and keeping of the sows in the service area or waiting stall: insemination-friendly gestation crate, self-closing gestation crate with rocker or swing doors and the basket crate and the BH-Box self-catching gestation crate with integrated insemination door for combined service area and the waiting stall. In addition to this, there are simple feeding space dividers available for Quickfeed and Biofeed dry feeding and for long-trough liquid feeding for the small groups of sows.

For group housing there is a wide product range of Compident electronic sow feeding variants available from Schauer for animal-individual, rationed feeding and the keeping of productive sows. The professional Topo feeding management and the new Schauer FarmManager, which can be used throughout the farm, support the professional pig farmer with valuable management information.

Stainless steel upright and PVC separator systems
in different heights and material thicknesses, adapted to requirements, ensure a secure, sturdy and long-lasting housing of sows and piglets. PVC slated floors and concrete slats (including Solid Set hybrid concrete) and various product solutions for individual micro climate requirements of the animals ensure comfortable and high-yield farming of the animals.

Our wide range of different feeding systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, manure removal and slurry systems and a comprehensive range of accessories round off the pig stall product range.

Time is money. Get advice from capable, nearby partners on prefabricated barn systems. Prefabricated systems are enjoying ever-greater popularity in South Germany: as well as the –“Baumeisterstall” system with local partners, there are the Duo modul system pig barn (Wolfsystem and Schauer) in Austria and the barn produced with our hall-construction partners Farmbau.

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