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It is not the complexity of the system, but its simplicity in use, with at the same time the highest functionality and quality, that characterises Schauer dry feed systems. The use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel in the area of the drive unit ensures optimal hygiene standards. New innovations such as Dryfeed Batch ensure reliability and reduce wear on the systems. The dry feed range is rounded off by an extremely wide selection of automatic feeding machines, designed to reduce loss of feed. The simple handling and ease of servicing of Schauer dry feed systems is valued by both farming and large-scale operations in the field of pig husbandry.

  • Schauer dry feed systems impress with their thoroughly robust, long-lasting and servicing-friendly construction and components.

  • Cable-sheave chain conveyor systems are used most, all over the world, where simplicity of operation and one's own servicing of the systems are priorities.

  • Ideal for the use of dry, floury or pellet-form feed for supplying to large groups of animals with a feed mix for each conveying group. Multi-phase systems are possible as an option.

9 advantages of Schauer dry feed systems that will convince you:

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  1. Thanks to the use of annealed chain conveyors (optional), Schauer dry feed systems are known for very long lines and above-average service lives.

  2. The large stainless steel drive station enables special protection of the conveyor chain. A spring-loaded cut-off sensor prevents the conveyor chain from becoming overloaded.

  3. The ball-bearing mounted redirecting corners are also characterised by a particularly long service life.

  4. Depending on the situation, a multitude of system variants are possible, including charging and transferral with spiral feed screws from the silos. The standard conveyor tube diameter is 60 mm.

  5. Dryfeed Batch is a special feed transferral system that transports the return feed from the sty, as well as the feed from the silo, without first having to carry out emptying of the conveying line via the silo. Dryfeed Batch reduces the power requirement, protects the plant and received a silver medal at Eurotier 2012.

  6. A large range of automatic mash feeders becomes usable for the interested Schauer customer.

    - Profimat for piglets and fattening pigs – the international standard with combined feeding bowls and drinking nipples.

    - Optimat for piglets and fattening pigs – the "optimal" choice with large round stainless steel bowls and Aqua-Level drinkers for twice as many feeding places as with the Profimat. Losses of feed are largely avoided with raised feeding plates and feeding place dividers.

    - Multimat for piglets and fattening pigs – the specialist for CCM, wet maize and floury feed.

  7. Automatic dry feed feeders in stainless steel and plastic for piglets and fattening pigs. The robust ones that impress with their simplicity of operation.

  8. Spiral screw feeders and feeder screws in wrought and telescopic construction for the dosing of feed components in automatic feeding systems with installation-friendly inlet boxes.

  9. Volume measure pourer for single-animal dosing of dry feed, which are above all characterised by particular hygiene due to the single-housing, closed construction.
    Schauer Dryfeed plants and systems for dry feeding fully meet the requirements made for modern pig farming operations.

For the outdoor storage of feed components or feed mixtures we offer you a comprehensive assortment of GRP silos (longitudinally divided) or "monolithic"

High-quality and crack-proof trevira silos round off the indoor silo range

Special screw measure pourer for mineral substances for automatic feeding plants


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