Many pig farmers are loosing money every day.
With accurate multiphase feeders you can stop this.
Cut your feed costs with Spotmix precision-multiphase feeding.

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No other system caters to the individual feeding needs of different groups of pigs and single animals as uncompromisingly. It makes it possible to distribute the ideal formula, re-calculated on a daily basis, for every single feeding place several times a day in the desired consistency. Immediately after measure pouring, the feeding place drains are fully automatically cleaned with an air-water vapour. Perfectly supplied and hygienically clean – this way the health and feed intake of the pigs are improved. In practice, this leads to the achievement, on average, of a 500 g daily increase in piglet rearing and 900 g daily increase in pig fattening, with at the same time a high proportion of lean meat. In pig farming, the system fully exhausts the potential in the feeding of the lactating sows.

  • Residue-free multiphase feeding and the best feeding line hygiene.

  • Individual and exact feeding of the individual animal groups.

  • Spotmix is the key to optimising outputs and reducing feed costs for profitable pig production.

Advantages of Spotmix multiphase feeding that will convince you:

  1. Perfect multiphase feeding without compromises or food residue in the system. Possible to feed each group or feeding place according to an individual formula, and stepless, daily blending of ready-made feed mixtures or mixes of any desired formulae from individual components is also possible. For businesses that perform their own mixing, this feed is substantially cheaper – no separate feed mixing plant is necessary for smaller plants.

  2. Best Hygiene throughout the whole feeding line, due to mixture and transportation as dry feed. Automatic follow-up cleaning of the feed supply tubes after each feeding.

  3. Highest possible flexibility in feeding management and feed consistency. Feeding of dry, mushy and liquid feed possible. The minimum ratio of water to dry material is 1:1. It is often possible to feed the animals each day, which is particularly important for small piglets. The feed is always provided fresh and with the best hygiene. The piglets are healthier, eat more and grow more quickly.

  4. Improvement of the intake of feed and water in nursing sows increases milk production – maintenance of the sows' condition and higher weaning weights

  5. Less dust due to liquid feed and thus healthier for people and animals.

  6. Optimal computer-based feeding management. All feed consumption data is updated on a daily basis, corrections can be made to the feeding strategy (feed curves) at any time.

  7. Substantial saving in labour time due to daily automatic adaptation of the feed quantities (adjustment of automatic feeding units and volume measure pourers unnecessary).

  8. Convenient and targeted entry of additives (medicines) for every group and individual feeding place in the piglet stall.

  9. Feeding of maize kernel silage (CCM, whole grain) possible. This allows a substantial improvement of the digestibility of the feed formula and reduction of the feed costs to be achieved.

  10. Improvement of profitability. Spotmix helps you to exhaust the biological performance potential and reduces feed costs substantially by up to 10% due to better feed utilisation and reduction of feed losses than with dry feed.

The Schauer Spotmix multiphase feed fully meets the requirements of a modern multiphase feed system for all areas of pig-farming!
Spotmix has been the world-leading multiphase feed system for 20 years with a European patent. It promotes the health and speed of growth of the piglets like no other system. In practice, daily increases of an average of 500 g or more are usually achieved. In the area of sow feeding, Spotmix particularly demonstrates its strengths in the farrowing pen, supplying the high-performance mother sows optimally with feed and water, on an individual-animal basis. In the field of farming fattening pigs, Spotmix is the uncontested specialist for multiphase feeding in combination with short-trough automatic ad-libitum feeding.

One plant is able to supply 500 sows with piglets or 5,000 piglets or 2,500 fattening pigs.

How Spotmix multiphase feed works:
Innovative technology for automatic wet feeding
Setting the standard with 20 years of innovation

With SPOTMIX Schauer once again demonstrates its high competence and precision in feeding technology.

Precise: mixture as dry feed
Exactly the right portion and recipe is prepared for each individual feeding point. This technology with a European patent is also ideal for CCM and wet stored grain.

Hygienic: transport as dry feed
The precisely portioned recipe is now blown to the SPOTMIX rotation distributor in the air stream. The lines remain clean and dry.

Flexible: distributed as liquid feed
The feed is mixed optionally with water in the SPOTMIX rotation distributor and distributed as liquid feed in the trough or dosed out as dry feed. The rotation distributor and lines are then cleaned with air and water fog.

The SPOTMIX benefits at a glance

  • Moistened feed for individual troughs and for sensor-type short and round troughs; you determine the optimum dry matter content
  • With daily adjusted energy and protein amounts for each animal or each group
  • Perfect multiphase feeding even with ad libitum sensor feeding
  • The patented process ensures best possible hygiene as no residues of any kind are left in the system – nothing could be cleaner!
  • Small amounts and vitamins can be used via a second water valve and without residues

The genuine all-round feeding professional

  • Dry feed points for automatic feeder filling or wet to liquid feeding consistency adjustable individually
  • Residue-free feeding for feeding points up to 200 m away
  • Scales accurate to within +/– 10 g
  • Minimum feed amount from 0.5 kg/feeding point
  • Feed capacity up to 600 kg dry feed/hour
  • Dry and wet feed feeding points possible
  • Controlled water valves for adjustment of dry matter ratio

Rotation distributor for 6 feeding points
Reliable and virtually wear-free.

Spotmix Welfare, the intelligent function extension for the automatic distribution of material to investigate and manipulate.

Information for low delay medication solutions, if an additive is necessary 

  • Cutting feeding costs !
  • High-precision residue-free feeding !

For 20 years, Spotmix multiphase feeding has been the global,
uncontested technological leader in feeding technology.

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