Visual User Interface VUI

Visual User Interface – VUI

These days, a modern feeding system is of no use without professional computer systems. At the same time, the functioning of these systems has to be as reliable and practical as possible. So that the operation is even easier, we are now offering the new SCHAUER Visual User Interface – VUI. The intuitive 3D graphical user interface offers a new dimension of comfort, making the operation of the systems as easy as pie.

"For healthy livestock – for successful operations" This is our vision, our belief and our passion. This vision gives us the strength to be sustainably successful worldwide – for over 60 years.

The proven SCHAUER system software includes an innovative user interface. With a unique 3D graphical user interface and a consistent operating concept, the use of SCHAUER feeding systems becomes even more straightforward and clear. The configuration of the sophisticated system saw the implementation of the latest knowledge from the field of perceptive psychology. This enables all key information content to be recognized and responded to rapidly on an immediate basis - at a glance, as it were.

And the new system interface offers another big advantage: for the first time, all of the SCHAUER systems feature a uniform user interface – an important step forwards for offering a superior operational overview. With the new visual user interface, SCHAUER has once again proven its aspiration for technological leadership in the area of livestock feeding – "For healthy livestock – for successful operations"

What is new about the Visual User Interface?

  • Large 1280x1024px screen (previously 1024x768)
  • More space on the screen due to the rearrangement of the information
  • Clear and logical arrangement of information
  • A new dimension of orientation due to 3D graphics
  • Understandable colour and design concept
  • Uniform symbols
  • Concealing of tabs/ sequence adjustable
  • Operations control = feeding system shown in image form

Superior overview of more information
(E.g. display of components)

  • Superior status display (alarms, etc.)
  • Intuitive and simplified group entry

The new VUI is available for the following products:

Compident Compident Horse Compident Cow
Liquimix PIGmanager mobile 4 Spotmix
Spotmix Fish