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The name Schauer has been associated with successful animal husbandry for more than 6 decades. Because only successful customers are satisfied customers. Whether it be the particular functionality and above-average service lives of the sty equipment or the technical lead in feeding technology to make animal husbandry more efficient and humane.

Currently, more than 80,000 customers around the world have purchased products and system solutions from Schauer Agrotronic and the number is increasing every day. The comprehensive know how for the planning and implementation of the building projects for housing pigs, cattle and horses creates peace of mind, as do the reliable implementation and customer service. In particular, the promise to provide replacement parts for decades, for technical components as well as for the electronic controls, sets Schauer apart from its competitors in a very positive way and makes its customers certain of having chosen the right partner for their investments.

Projects using following technology:




Compident ESF

Albesa Ramadera
Pig breeding
with Compident and Liquimix

Fam. Van Bergen
Pig breeding
Compident Smart

Fam. Reiter
Tierhaltung Ges.b.H und Co.KG
Compident, Liquimix
Erlingen, Germany

Fair Oaks Farm
Pig Adventure
Compident ESF
Indiana USA

Spotmix multi-phase feeding

Uni Giessen / Teaching and Research Station Oberer Hardthof
Justus Liebig Universität Giessen
Compident, Spotmix

University of Pennsylvania
Compident, Spotmix Multiphasenfütterung
Pennsylvania USA

Liquimix liquid feeding

(Kopie 17)

The liquid feed system has been the key feed technology used at Reiter for over 40 years. As a result, farm-grown feed such as CCM can be used cost-effectively

 Albesa Ramadera
Pig breeding,
Liquimix liquid feeding

Fam. Brauneis
Pig fattening
liquid feeding, climate technology

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